New website and processes

The first "Far Corners" website launched shortly after we started, back in 2009/2010 and although it has gone through various cosmetic updates over the has all run on the same system. 

As we grew and changed, the website became extremely patchy on the backend as plugins, code snippets, 3rd party services etc started to clash which resulted in various clean-ups as errors were thrown up.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we noticed strange things happening to the point it was clear we just needed to start fresh with the website, and consequently we started to struggle with production and order fulfilment which led to us chasing our tails.


So we have built a new website and started managing our stock differently...


One of the biggest problems we have had over the years is order fulfilment and it's not for the reasons you might think. We come from a design background and are used to designing bespoke solutions for clients and customers and the way (I will hold my hand up as this is my fault) I, Kris Pay would stretch myself too thin with custom requests and ultimately this would affect the core products and their production so what I'd be doing is pleasing a customer with a bespoke request and letting down core product orders.


So how we tackle this so that we can deliver our core products quickly and effectively, given that so many people want them.



With the introduction of our Special Projects division, any custom orders, products, fabrication etc all go through Special Projects and do not touch the main production process for core products. This means we are not doing small batches of core products in order to squeeze in a few custom plates, custom sized variants etc and things can run smoothly they did when we first started.

If you need a special projects item there is a contact form specifically for this, so you can either place an order for any standard items then contact Special Projects for a quote which will then get invoiced separately and added to your order or you can contact us via Special Projects who can do an invoice for your full order.