Greenlane Tours

We run guided greenlane tours throughout the UK, most of our tours are single day tours but we will be offering weekend tours in Wales during the Summer period.

Our tours consist of a lead and rear vehicle, both are driven by experienced off-road drivers, both vehicles are fully kitted out with recovery gear, first aid kits, and tools to cover most vehicles. We then have upto 4 customer vehicles per tour following our leader along the route. Our routes are tried and tested, and we have links with rights of ways officers to verify the status of the byways we’ll be leading you on. We aim to make our routes as exciting and enjoyable as possible, we will state beforehand if there are elements of an extreme nature on a tour so there are no unpleasant surprises, we understand that most people’s 4×4 is their daily drive so we won’t guide you anywhere we think will damage your vehicle. Our job is to make sure everyone has a safe, enjoyable trip.

What do you need?

A road legal 4×4, with MOT, tax and insurance.
A front and rear recovery point.*
Suitable clothing, including a waterproof top.
Wellies or boots.
Water for you and your vehicle.
Packed lunch, unless we state otherwise.

The only thing we ask you have on your vehicle is a suitable front and rear recovery point, these can be bolt on recovery points, chassis mounted jate rings, steering guards with recovery points….etc. If you are unsure then contact us and we’ll help sort you out!

What do you get?

A guided greenlane tour for as many people as you can safely seat in your vehicle, distance/details are noted when you buy your ticket in our store.
Dedicated picnic stops, we don’t supply food but do supply as much tea and coffee as you can devour!


Upcoming Events:

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