FAR Workshop

We provide fitting on all of our products, anything from a snorkel to a long range fuel tank, we are here to make sure that when you buy a product, you make the most of it, which often starts with a professional fit.

We provide a personal service, we listen to what it is you want and need out of your vehicle and work with you to produce something that truly fits your individual needs. We can build fully customised builds, we love to get involved in the weird and wonderful. We have a strong design background and can produce visual representations of your vehicle before we even lift a spanner. Our attention to detail is second to none. We are proud of the quality of our work and strive to produce vehicles that fill our customers with the confidence they need to enjoy and use their vehicles.

We install exterior products and upgrades including roof racks, roll cages, spare wheel holders, bumpers etc.

Many of our customer vehicles require modification to the bodywork to allow for jump-start ports, recessed lighting, hidden storage and security upgrades.

We take bodywork modification as seriously as our customers do and this shows in the finish we provide. 

Custom engineered components are often designed and manufactured in house to make even the simplest modification a professional one.

Underbody work is commonplace on 4×4 and overland vehicles. We install underbody protection, upgrades to steering, suspension and braking components as well as treatment to the underbody of vehicles so that your vehicle is always ready for your next adventure.

The interior of 4×4 and overland vehicles is one of the most important aspects of a build. A well organised and thought out interior makes a huge difference to day to day life and make long distance trips much more pleasurable. 

We install interior products to better organise controls, gauges and storage as well as all-out interior overhauls with new trim, soundproofing and insulation.

A 4×4 or overland vehicle is only as good as it’s chassis. It’s extremely common for a vehicle to outlive it’s chassis and that’s why we offer a chassis swapping service.

We can swap your Land Rover Series, Defender and now even Discovery 2 vehicle onto a new galvanised chassis. During the process there are so many items that can be replaced/upgraded such as bushes, brake lines, wiring looms…etc to make the swap into a real game changer and not just a cosmetic upgrade. There is nothing quite like taking a galvanised chassis Land Rover for it’s MOT knowing that you aren’t going to find holes and rot! 

Most of the projects that come through our workshop involve performance upgrades in one way or another. It’s not all about speed or acceleration, sometimes a customer wants their vehicle to run as economically, efficiently and as reliable as possible. 

We can fit engine performance upgrades as well as performance gearing, suspension, braking and much more.

Electrical modifications play a huge role in 4×4 and overland builds. We are proud to say that we are electrical geeks and enjoy everything from adding some auxiliary lighting to planning a complete overland electrical install. 

We stock a huge amount of quality electrical components and fittings and take pride in the neatness and performance of our installs.

We install everything from winches, lighting, fridges to split charges and battery management systems and solar systems.

The FAR team spent so much time with me to make sure my Defender was built to include everything that me and my wife needed on our future trips. We’ve done 3 long trips so far and cannot wait to go on our next adventure!