MULE and ROO System

MULE Universal Large

Large MULE Universal mounted to a Defender back door, (PRE TD5)

Our new MULE system is our take on the tried and proven MOLLE military framework, we were fed up with the amount of dead space in many 4×4 vehicles. The MULE framework allows the mounting of our ROO pouches plus many existing MOLLE pouches available on the market. The pouches weave onto the framework using the finger slots to poke the tabs through, we’ve made the ends a hook and loop setup so it’s nice and easy to use.

We have launched with 2 universal sizes of MULE panel, plus a Defender seatbox panel which has proven to work fantastic on our own vehicles. We will be bringing out many bespoke panels for all sorts of vehicle plus custom work so if you there is a space you would like a MULE panel for then get in touch!

Defender Seatbox MULE Panel - Mounted

Defender Seatbox MULE panel

The mounting holes on the face of the MULE framework will be used for the mounting of additional gear/tech, in the pipeline we have a fuse panel, 12v power point, switch panel and led lighting.

MULE Panels in our store

ROO Pouches in our store


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