Post-trip review of our Defender bonnet jack mount

We love hearing from our customers, and are lucky enough to get some pretty awesome feedback on our products, this email from one of our Spanish customers is one we are very proud to share!

Hi guys, Our trip to Morocco through the Atlas mountains down to the dunes of Erg Chebbi was one to remember,and the Far Corners Bonnet Mount held up bravely to the gruelling “pistes”.  A Hi-lift is a heavy and awkward tool hard to store, but all in all I found the bonnet mounting position be quite practical.  The front or rear bumper can be a problem if your stuck in something deep not to mention that in the back the jack’s mechanisms may fail due to the accumulation of road dirt, and up on the roof rack is bad for the Landy’s stability.  I was able to mount a military shovel on top of the hi-lift with a carriage bolt and  I stowed the jack’s base plate in the toolbox to lighten the load and to prevent theft.  The jack mechanism did rattled quite a bit and I solved that by using a fourth carriage bolt and a large washer to clamp the mechanism to the steel bar.  The stainless steel eye-bolts were added to the light mounts to tie down our canoe when its on the roof rack. Honestly I did have initial doubts that the hinge mounts on the firewall would suffer excessively, but that didn’t seem to be a problem at all.  Since the weight sits directly on the hinges, these suffer quite a bit less than a bonnet with a tyre mounted on it which tends to bounce around pushing, pulling and twisting at the whole bonnet.  The Bonnet Mount was quite firm even on the roughest surfaces. The Bonnet Mount is a great product and well built.  All in our group were impressed and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to mount a Hi-lift on a Defender. Best regards,


Our bonnet jack mount looking awesome and dusty!

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