Cooper ST MAXX tyre review

This post will just be a preliminary review of the Cooper ST MAXX tyres and a quick talk about the previous tyres I had fitted the Michelin Latitude cross.

Here are the tyres on test 235/85 r16 ST MAXX on Wolf rims
Road Performance:
First thoughts are they look amazing! Now I know looks mean nothing but if your one for looks, then these tyres will please! Once I set off from the garage the first thing I noticed was how quiet these tyres are on the road! The previous tyres I had fitted were a road bias tyre with some all-terrain qualities which kept them very quiet on the road. The new ST MAXX tyres were barely any different in noise levels. The Coopers are very good on dry tarmac and also on wet tarmac. Never giving you a sense that it will give up its grip. Obviously if driven enthusiastically I’m sure you could get them to give up but we drive 4x4s not sports cars.

The only bad thing I can say about these tyres is a sense of wallowing can crop up from time to time. The reason for this I think  is a factor of two things A) the large individual tyre tread blocks and B) Me, due to the fact that my previous tyres were more road based with a more road style tread pattern the Cooper tyres will feel a little alien to me. If you already have an all-terrain or mud terrain then I’m sure you will notice no difference.

Off-road Performance:
After a small green laning journey I was very pleased with how the Cooper’s had performed. The green lane terrain involved sand, mud, a section of soft mud (from heavy tractor use), two fords and a hard stoney section. None of these sections really tested the tyres in any way. The tyres kept good traction at all times. With the big tread blocks and side wall treads during the soft mud they never lost traction. They performed admirably on the two fords which were roughly 3ft deep, one which had a sand base and one with slippery rocks.

Over all the tyres are very very good and so far I can recommend them to anyone. But obviously only having them 5 days now I haven’t put them to a real world test. I will write another review after putting them through some real off road abuse.

Before I sign off I would like to give my previous tyres, the Michelin Latitude Cross, a massive shout out with their performance. On the road they are great! Very quiet! Off road they have performed amazingly, ok so I’m not saying they would outperform the ST MAXX’s off road but the places I have taken these tyres and abuse I have given them they have rarely given up grip on me. The only down side is the treads and block up quite quickly with mud which then turns them into almost slick tyres. But if you drive you land rover on the road and occasionally take it on green lanes then the Michelin Latitude Cross tyres would be perfect!

That’s all for now! I hope this has been an interesting read all be it only a brief review. Now I think it’s time to go play some more with my new tyres 🙂