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3 years ago, we met some guys whilst competing in the Macmillan 4×4 Challenge. These guys were hugely passionate about Land Rovers and Off-Roading, and wanted nothing more than to venture further afield and see some amazing places.They are Free Spirit 4×4, they run a wide range of 4×4 holidays and green lane trips from single day UK based trips to full 14 day expeditions to some of the most spectacular places in the world.

“We are all about the experience, meaning we drive manageable distances each day allowing you the time to enjoy your adventure the way you want to. A Free Spirit Adventure is not just a 4×4 tour, or just about the driving, on the longer adventures we include optional white water rafting, go-karting, surfing and many more activities, see our adventures for more info.
Since 2009 we have created the most entertaining adventures from the high peaks of Derbyshire out to the mountains of the Pyrenees.”

We are now happy to offer their tours to you through our store, and we guarantee you will have an awesome time, we have had some of their customers on our own greenlane tours and they had nothing but positive comments about their trips!


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