FOCAL IBUS 2.1 Active Subwoofer

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The FOCAL IBUS 2.1 is a flat active subwoofer which features an 8" subwoofer with an amplifier with a max output of 150W but also with a built in 2 channel amplifier with a max output of 2 x 110W to power a pair of front speakers (or rear...etc).
Fitting is really simple and the sound is fantastic as you'd expect from a FOCAL product.
We think the best thing about this enclosure is the small footprint which means you can tuck it away under a seat, on the back of a cubby box or anywhere you can think of. We'll be updating this listing shortly with some installation ideas for Defender and Discovery.
  • ISO Plug & Play cable provided (direct connection to ISO head unit]
  • Easy installation under car seat (takes up little space]
  • Intensifies the bass of your audio system
  • Powerful amplification solution (allowing you to keep the ergonomics of your original source without loosing display or control functions]
  • Recreate a high-performance 2.1 system in your car
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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 15 cm