FAR Defender 110/130 Second row (rear) seat risers/legroom extensions

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  Our new FAR second row seat risers for Defender TDCI 110/130 models resolve an issue with the standard angle of the seats in second row location on TDCI Defender's. As standard, the seat base is almost totally horizontal which results in the underside of passengers upper legs not making contact with the seat and legroom being uncomfortable. The flat standard angle also causes issues with young children, especially those in forward facing child seats who end up with their head hanging forward into their chest when they fall asleep. Our risers are simple to fit with no modification to the vehicle required. 2 people are required to fit the kit though simply because the larger of the two rear seats is cumbersome to remove without a second pair of hands. When fitted, the whole seat is angled back slightly and passengers no longer sit bolt upright and the knee is lifted slightly which gives better legroom. Price is for a full kit comprising:
  • 4 x FAR second row seat riser brackets.
  • Full fitting kit
  • Extra rubber pads to pack our rear stopper, amount required varies from vehicle to vehicle. Adjustment instructions provided.
**Please note that the seat risers may not work with dog guards. Depending on your vehicle, the dog guard may need moving or altering. This is a new product and we are still getting feedback regarding this. We will update this description accordingly once more feedback received**